Bitcoin sellers are essentially the same as Bitcoin traders where you can buy and sell your digital dough. At the end of the day, the actual buyers and sellers are individuals. There are sites that connect people wishing to sell their Bitcoins to other people. We list some of the most trusted below.


Based in Finland, Local Bitcoins is an ingenious exchange system that links buyers and sellers directly. Locally. All over the globe. It’s like Tinder but for Bitcoin trading! Itboasts a solid presence in over 248 countries and 13941 cities, worldwide. Bitcoins enthusiasts can either buy or sell on the platform, through cash deposits, or they can arrange to meet in person, and trade face-to-face. Enabling their users to trade in any currency they choose, is also another advantage of LocalBitcoins. In terms of safety, their online site is incredibly safe to conduct transactions on, with features like their Login Guard and, two-factor authentication options. There are risks associated with in-person trading, of course, but that is the same with everything where humans are involved face-to-face.



With a 0% fee for selling Bitcoins, another advantage BitQuick offers is, the capacity to trade in multiple currencies. Namely:  the US Dollar, Euros, Australian Dollars and, the Russian Ruble. However, a limitation these guys have is that, they only accept cash deposits and SEPA as methods of payments. All other methods are banned. They cleverly make up for that, by offering the cheapest rates for which to transfer fiat money into Bitcoins and vice-versa.

With an easy-to-understand website, and great resources on how to use their site, BitQuick offers a good and trustworthy service to its customers. Own Bitcoins within three hours of signing up!


Wall of Coins

Priding themselves on being the ‘first fully transparent’ market, and with funds entirely in cold storage, Wall of Coins brings a refreshing trust to the Bitcoin seller/buyer industry.

Offering a toll-free helpline to assist in setting up Bitcoin wallets, for those wanting to sell through them, Wall of Coins sets itself apart further. With no fees on Bitcoins sold, and strictly cash-based transactions, amongst other benefits, it is easy to see why Wall of Coins will continue to be one of the most trusted Bitcoin sellers!


As with Bitcoin exchanges, it is important to make sure you choose the right companies, so as to avoid disaster. Good luck and, Happytrading!