Bitcoin is taking the online casino world by storm. Industry giants like BetChain, and mBit Casino provide much needed solutions to people who wish to enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin and, also apply them to online casino gaming. There are some online casinos such as Vera & John casino who have been considering taking on bitcoin, simply because of how popular it has become. However, do you know what you should be looking for when playing with the cryptocurrency? 


Minimum and Maximum Withdrawal/Deposit amounts

Just like regular online casinos, these casinos have strict amounts of Bitcoin which you can withdraw, minimally or maximally.  With deposits, so long as you have the funds, you are allowed to input a sum as large as you want. This is especially useful if you like playing the higher stake, bonus-spawning games.

Two-Factor Authentication

Most customers are not even aware of this feature’s existence! This is almost standard with any Bitcoin website, no matter its application. In fact, it’s standard on most websites, period. You may have seen in it on Gmail or any other Google accounts. The two-factor comes in because, the website, in order to protect your details, requires you to type in another, temporary password, every time you log in. You can, and should get this, through apps like Authy or Google Authenticator. People have lost significant amounts of money from their online gambling accounts due to not enabling 2FA. 2FA protects you from hacking/phishing and all those other unsavoury activities.

Transactions fees (and times)

Another important factor to take into account when looking/playing at Bitcoin casinos, is the fees that are charged for transactions. Luckily, most, if not all casinos, do not charge transaction fees on your deposits of Bitcoins. Only when you withdraw your winnings, or transfer money back to your original account from the casino account, are you charged. Sites like 7bit, that show customers the estimated time on their transactions and the relevant fees for changing between cryptocurrencies or between fiat and digital currencies, are more often than not, the most reliable casinos to indulge in.


Every good online casino has a 24/7 support system. If you feel like the support system, be that in the form of knowledge bases or the live chat function, is unsatisfactory, withdraw your money! User support is the most important part of any online casino. If something is to go wrong, the least of your worries should be whether or not, somebody will be there to help you out.


There are many more factors to take into consideration when looking at Betcoin Casinos, these just stand out as the most urgent. It is always important to augment your decision-making capacity by doing research. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is.

Besides that, Good luck, and Have fun!