The Exciting Advantages of Paying with Bitcoin

Theft is a major concern when people pay for something online or in-person. Cash is easy to steal and difficult to trace. Checks can be forged. Online transactions with credit cards and bank services may be intercepted. Nobody wants to face identify theft or an empty bank account. Discover the exciting advantage of paying with bitcoin when you want to buy products or play Satoshi Slot online. This fun casino game accepts bitcoin, which attracts even more gaming enthusiast. Consider these bitcoin benefits.

Eliminate Third parties

Many people buy merchandise and play games online. Others run businesses online. There are countless transactions being conducted through the Internet today. Bitcoins are easy to send through the Internet with no need to trust questionable third parties. Instead of being run by a central authority, bitcoins are governed by the network itself.

Fast Transactions

There was a time when it took days or even weeks to process a monetary transaction made with a credit card or check. Online transactions are faster but can still take hours or days to be completed. Bitcoin transactions are fast. The funds received are available for spending in mere minutes. Sellers get the advantage of instant access to payments without waiting to find out if transactions were properly processed.

Low Cost

Everyone knows banks, government agencies and other financial institutions charge costly fees to process transactions. It can cost even more if you want instant access to the funds. Bitcoin costs very little, especially when you compare the rates to other major payment networks. Using bitcoins is a great way to save money on transactions fees.

No Manipulation

People are often concerned their personal financial information will be manipulated. The bitcoin system cannot be manipulated by individuals, banks or government officials. The supply of bitcoin is regulated by software. Users of the system agree on its networked regulation.

People are always looking for more efficient ways to process online transactions. More people are discovering the exciting advantages of paying with bitcoin rather than relying on other networks that could be compromised. Discover the benefits of paying with bitcoins for yourself.

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3 Things to Know About the Internet Currency Bitcoin

Over the past few years, the internet has exploded with usage. Not only are games and social media more popular than ever, but a new form of internet currency has taken hold of the World Wide Web—the bitcoin. The bitcoing is growing more and more popular by the day, yet a lot of people do not know anything about it. Here are a few things to know about the newest form of virtual currency.

What Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are an online form of payment or a digital currency that can be used in various places on the internet. They are not directly synonymous with actual money though they can be bought for a fee and then used in online person to person private transactions. There is no middle ground or verification network so this currency has been classified as decentralized by the U.S. Treasury, since it cannot equate with normal currency payments.

How Are They Obtained?

Bitcoins can be obtained or gotten in a variety of ways. First of all, they can be bought for certain sums and work almost exactly like real money. They can be won as a prize for various games as well as traded and transferred between online users and are credited through an online source called the block chain. They are for online use only and cannot be transferred into real money.

Where Can They Be Spent?

Bitcoins can be spent on online games such as the Satoshi Slot game or even some new places such as Brawker which allows you to trade bitcoins for products and services. This is still a new practice so more and more options are coming available on the internet for the use of bitcoins. Because the value of the bitcoin goes up and down, it’s hard to say if it will ever become complete currency.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn about the new internet currency bitcoin. Bitcoins are a great way to perform internet transactions without releasing your bank account information and to win virtually at a ton of various internet games. If you are a big time internet game player, check out the use of bitcoins today.

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Bitcoin Payments: Playing Online Casino Games Made Easier

While entering into any casino, you will need the assurance that your money is safe at all times. This is why Vera John casinos have worked together with the Bitcoin Company to give players the choice of playing online games using the virtual currency. It is one of the most secured online gambling, and the rewards are sufficient.You can choose to play the game on the slot machines, table slots or even blackjack. Whichever method you decide to use, you will enjoy the games as they are numerous, including Gemix, Fruit shop and Games of Throne among many other exciting ones.

These games are not limited to computers use only; you can use your phone to access them. If you have an iPad, Android or iPhone, you can enjoy the games since they are compatible with them. In addition, you do not need to download the games since the company has an inbuilt browser on the phones.

The games also come with different rules, and it is advisable to read all of them before you start playing. This is done to protect the players while assuring them of good regulations. After going through the rules and instructions, you will be on your way to enjoying these fabulous games.

Another important thing you should be assured of is the security of playing the games. This is especially true with those people who are using their credit cards. With every credit card comes unique numbers that are encrypted to protect the details in them. These measures are often according the international standards.

When it comes to the bonuses offered, they are in three types namely:

First deposit bonus: This one is given to members who deposit cash up to a hundred pounds. The bonus is 100%, which is a good place to start at.

Deposit bonus: This one is for the player who has been depositing some cash. The rewards will depend on the amount of cash deposited.

Locked bonus: In this category, the casino will pick random numbers to be won, and any person qualifies for this. All you need is to be a member and open an email account since they will alert you through this account.

These games are often extremely entertaining and worth the cash used. You should, therefore, make a point of engaging in them.

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